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The machines that manufactures VETER Constructions follow completely the modern needs of the customers. Their manufacture becomes entirely in the workshop of Company, using and elements of known European companies. The advantages of this manufactures are their very short time of delivery as do not intervene the known processes in the case of import. Consequence of this, is the incomparable lower prices of machines from corresponding imported, without by no means they fall short from them of the manufacture and their operation for which apart from that we give you written guarantee of one year in the electrical and electronic elements, and two years in mechanical.

All machines become individual or in line, in a lot of types with different productive faculty. But if still what you need they are not something else from these machines of line, VETER Constructions also manages to manufacture, ensuring with the clients collaboration, to give solution of each special problem. It manufactures that is to say machines adapted in the needs of production of each customer.

The machines are manufactured according to the European specifications of safety CE (96/37/EU). They are accompanied with the essential documents of sure operation of instruments as well as with handbooks of installation, use and maintenance. The technical support that provides VETER Constructions in their customers covers ensured and irreproachable service, anywhere the installations of customers are found, with:

  • Telephone support
  • Spot visits of technicians
  • Storage of complete order of parts