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ARTEMIS 30-36 is filling and capping machine semi-fluid and fluid materials. Particular this characteristic type of machines it is that the bottle in the all phases of its filling is suspended, make that requires exists suitable notch for the suspension of bottle. Such type of packing are used mainly in juices of lemon, vinegar, bleach, nitric acid etc. The capper of the machine it is advisable for [flip-top caps] and screwing plastic caps.

The base of the machine and its individual elements are from stainless steal for foods or PVC for acids. The machine is accompanied with guarantee of one year in the electrical and electronic elements, and two years in mechanical.

Technical characteristics

Productive force: up to 2000 bottles/hour
Quantity: 50gr-2000gr
Way of filling: Time
Filling difference: ±5%
Electric Supply: 380V, 50Hz
Power: 2kW
Dimensions: 1200*1200*2300mm
Weight: 250kilos
Manufacture: Stainless steal